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Upon reaching a certain age where most of us start to experience a decline in our physical abilities and movement because of pain in our joints, and specifically after seeing close family members incapacitated  by hip joint problems; Eric Arredondo has taken the initiative to actively confront this issue now.  He  investigates  all manners of reasonable available solutions, looking into new research, as well as the tried and true. He explores proven low impact exercises in order to maintain healthful joints, as well as digging up some of the best natural health products available today. He maintains that through these efforts, he will ensure the next phase of life will be as mobile and pain free as previous ones. He very much wants to share his findings,  so join him in his on-going search for the latest techniques and products, which may help you as well.

Me, hiking at Alta Utah, Labor Day

A lot of the people I talk to about joint pain suffer from sports related injuries or strains, many, like myself are simply showing some of the signs of late adulthood.
In doing research  to gain more knowledge about joint pain problems and how to conquer them, I’ve learned many interesting things; putting it all together is what I will continue doing on this website. Here’s an interesting fact I ran across. Smokers are 3 to 4 times more likely to have spine problems than nonsmokers. Just in case anyone needs any more reasons to quit…now you know!
What I have found is an overwhelming amount of medical information online regarding the issue of joint pain maladies. My main focus is to find out as much as I can about the latest and best techniques, tools, and products that can help manage joint pain “naturally”, and to sort out the fluff! *(Please see list of research references below this page) If you are looking for more very  specialized medical terminology and insights, or for the various diseases that  cause joint maladies, make sure you check other trusted web sites too, like WebMD… After talking to your doctor of course.
I want to share what I find regarding all the things we can do to fight all  types of joint pain, (not just hip joint pain) while minimizing or avoiding the use of prescription pharmaceuticals, and/or interventions from the conventional medical establishment.
I live in one of the most beautiful places in this country, Salt Lake City, Utah. ( Yes, I do still ski) Most of the folks I know, live here for this reason, and to participate in the many other activities and sports which can be had in our gorgeous outdoors. The last thing they need to worry about is joint pain getting in the way. I often consult with many of them, to learn what they do to keep enjoying life to the fullest. I also have a number of acquaintances in the medical field that I tap from time to time, including one of the top Orthopedic Surgeons in the area.
Finally, I am hoping that you find something on this site that is of help to you. If you want me to look into a particular problem or a product, email me directly at [email protected], and thank you for visiting.

Here’s to a pain free existence. Eric Arredondo… Your Trusted Health Researcher.

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