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Discover The Facts About Hip Flexor Strains

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hip flexor strainThe tearing of one or more of the hip flexor muscles, accompanied by pain in the front of the groin or hip, results in what is known as a hip flexor strain.
Without the hip flexor muscles, we would not be able to sprint or kick because these muscles enable us to bend the hip in order to move the knee toward the chest.  Hip flexor muscle fibers become tense when they are stretched or contracted and may tear if such activities as excessive repetition or force result in too much tension.
Factors Contributing to Hip Flexor Strain
Sprinting and kicking often cause hip flexor strain, because the hip flexor muscles may contract too suddenly during these and similar activities. Additionally, if the muscles have not been given the chance to warm up, then an explosive acceleration or a long football kick will more than likely result in hip flexor strain. Read More

Hip Pain From Running Can Be Avoided

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hip pain runningIndividuals from all walks of life and age groups are taking up running, making this one of the most popular forms of exercise around the world. Running is a low-cost, versatile and convenient form of exercise that men and women are enjoying for its many health benefits. However, running has it’s downside, namely running-related injuries which are steadily rising in competitive and recreational runners alike. Read More

Pain Relief Methods Differ For Men And Women

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chronic joint painNo one knows why women not only feel pain more sharply than men, but experience it in much higher numbers.

Significant differences exist in the way the bodies and minds of men and women process pain. We have all heard women say that the male species would cease to be if men instead of women were responsible for having babies.

It is widely believed that women are unable to tolerate pain as well as men. So do women have more chronic pain? The fact that women experience arthritis, migraine, and other chronic joint pain conditions to a larger extent than men may help explain this low-pain threshold in women. Read More

Joint Pain and Inflamation Connection

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joint swelling

Inflammation, Joint Swelling, and Joint Pain

The response of the immune system to an irritant is called inflammation. When, for example, you sprain your ankle, your immune system produces a protein which is transported to the site of the injury and results in pain and swelling. The pain is simply your body informing you of the injury or damage. The swelling is another layer of protection to prevent the site of injury from moving too much and causing further injury. Moreover, the swelling is also an indication that the body is addressing the injury by flooding the area with fresh blood, antibodies and vital cells to promote healing of the damage. Following this, in the normal course of things, the body produces proteolytic enzymes which work to counteract the inflammation allowing the injured area to return to normal. Read More

Hip Joint Pain Causes Important Facts To Be Aware Of

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hip joint pain causesYour doctor will probably ask you to tell him or her in detail the symptoms you are experiencing when you go to see what you can do about your hip pain problem. Your doctor will be able to identify the cause of your pain based on your description of location, severity, and medical history, and will most likely be able to come up with a solution that works for you. Believe it or not, many people don’t even know where their hip is when they are asked to identify where it hurts. Read More

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