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Now You Can Exercise And Have Fun Too!

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Exercise and have fun

Tai Chi is a centuries-old practice that has its roots in ancient China. It began as an “internal” or “soft” martial art that provided its practitioners with a way of defending themselves. Today, it is practiced for the many health benefits that are associated with it, including improvements in strength, agility, and balance. Tai Chi is a fabulous tool to help us in aging gracefully through a calm mental focus, slowly executed movements, and deep breathing.

The spiritual and psychological power of this martial art has been recognized for a long time by tens of millions of devoted Tai Chi practitioners around the world. In recent years, however, researchers and scientists in the West have begun to study the many health benefits that Tai Chi offers those who practice it on a regular basis.Studies have shown that relatively inactive but otherwise healthy older men and women benefit the most from a regular Tai Chi practice. In particular, falls are reduced significantly in healthy seniors who practice Tai Chi on a regular basis.

Intriguing names like “Repulse the Monkey” and “White Crane Spreads Its Wings” are two examples of the controlled movements that make up the many styles of Tai Chi that exist today. While there are numerous learn on your own books out there, the best way to learn Tai Chi is from an experienced instructor, many of whom can be found in health clubs and recreation centers all over the U.S.

You may feel a bit awkward or clumsy when you first begin, but this feeling will pass the more you practice.  And you will also come to realize that no matter how proficient at Tai Chi you are, you will always be “refining your form.”

Several months of regular practice may be required before you start enjoying Tai Chi’s many health benefits. However, it is not a panacea, particularly for older adults. Therefore, seniors may want to combine Tai Chi with other forms of exercise as well. Among the benefits  Tai Chi provides, is a means of strengthening muscles and flexibility, as well as reducing stress.

One of the great advantages of Tai Chi is that it is an enjoyable way to exercise, a sure guarantee that people will practice it long enough to begin experiencing the health benefits it provides.

Keep these tips in mind if you are considering starting a Tai Chi practice:

  • Consult with your health care provider before beginning Tai Chi or any other exercise regimen, especially if you haven’t exercised in a while.
  • While books and videos are invaluable practice aids, only an experienced instructor can correct your form and ensure that you are executing the movements in a safe manner.
  • Research studies are being published more and more every day on the health benefits of Tai Chi.  An Internet search will provide additional information on whether it can help reduce the impact of the specific health condition you suffer from.
  • Tai Chi should not replace proper, medical care. Make an appointment with your health care provider if you are experiencing a health challenge. Make sure to include Tai Chi on your list of essential tools in your quest to aging gracefully.


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