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Hip Pain From Running Can Be Avoided

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hip pain runningIndividuals from all walks of life and age groups are taking up running, making this one of the most popular forms of exercise around the world. Running is a low-cost, versatile and convenient form of exercise that men and women are enjoying for its many health benefits. However, running has it’s downside, namely running-related injuries which are steadily rising in competitive and recreational runners alike.  Hip Pain Running:

Because the hip region of the body is extremely complex, it is especially prone to running-related injuries which can result from training errors that are easily prevented. When these injuries occur, the runner may need to seek medical attention and even cut back on training, and care for that sore hip.

Hip injuries, hip pain, and chronic hip conditions all impact runners to some degree or another. Bursitis of the hip, Iliotibial Band Syndrome (or ITBS), and snapping hip can cause serious and often disabling pain in runners. Running can also aggravate the unrelenting pain caused by hip osteoarthritis. I have found that, for me at least, a good glucosamine supplement helps immensely with pain in my hip joints. Studies have shown that taking glucosamine is a way to keep your joints healthy even before they exhibit signs of wear and tear. Check out my favorite brands – click here!

Educating yourself about hip injuries is the most effective way to prevent them. Knowing the cause of your hip problems will help you determine the best way to treat them. Hip bursitis and snapping hip syndrome are two conditions that runners are particularly prone to.

Hip bursitis

Although hip bursitis is a common problem many runners face, it is an easy one to remedy. If you are experiencing pain around the outside of the upper thigh, then hip bursitis may very well be the cause. When the “bursa,” fluid-filled sacs cushioning the hip joints, become inflamed, pain results.

Without the bursa, the smooth movement between the irregular surfaces of the hip bones would not be possible. If you stand and let your hands fall to the sides of your body, the point on the outer thigh where your hands rest is where the pain caused by hip bursitis occurs.

To relieve pain and swelling, inflammation must be reduced. This can be accomplished by icing the area, as well as getting adequate rest and taking inflammation-reducing medication. If the condition persists, a medical professional may recommend draining the bursa and prescribe cortisone injections.

Physical therapy to strengthen the muscles and tendons after a bursitis attack is often necessary in order to prevent a recurrence of the injury. Also, refraining from too much running over a short period of time can keep hip bursitis from coming back. A remedy that often works better than strength training or stretching is massaging up the thigh muscles and across the muscles at the outside of the sore hip.

Snapping Hip Syndrome

This running injury is experienced as a snapping sensation and popping sound in the area of the hip joint. Tendons’ catching on bones that jut out at the hip is usually the cause of this bothersome condition.

The best way to diagnose snapping hip syndrome is with x-rays which will reveal whether any bones or boney growths around the hip joint are protruding and rubbing against each other.  Therefore, a consultation with a medical professional to get a proper diagnosis is critical.

Many runners, once they know what is causing the snapping and popping and are assured that there is no serious injury involved, are content to allow these sounds and sensations to accompany them on their runs.  It may be a simple matter of stretching the muscles and tendons or getting the right physical therapy to eliminate these symptoms.

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