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juicing for health recipes If you have been wanting to get healthier by consuming more fruits and vegetables, but find the actual doing it part a bit challenging, then you need to read this. Juicing for health is not a new concept certainly, in the past I have bought numerous juicing machines that simply were too difficult to use, or clean or both. So when I saw the Vitamix blender being demonstrated a couple of years ago I was interested, but skeptical. This without a doubt is the most powerful and useful tool  for long lasting health and for helping  fight joint pain I have found. It simply makes the job of wanting to be healthier so much simpler.  You may recognize this blender after seeing it in popular smoothie shops like Jamba Juice or Starbucks coffee shops, there is a good reason these companies use it, It is simply the best blender money can buy. I use mine every single day to make my daily smoothie, filled with fresh, whole fruits and vegetables.

I found out the benefits of whole food blending through the use of this machine, for a very simple reason, your teeth simply cannot pulverize food completely, therefore you just don’t get all of the nutrients locked in foods. And when you are eating foods that help fight joint pain, you want to get every last bit of their pain relieving power. That is what really sets the Vitamix apart from any other blenders on the market; it has such incredible power that no other blender can compete. Using a commercial-grade motor to drive it  can totally crush and chop up whole food fiber so your body makes use of every little bit of it’s nutrients. The Vitamix can actually cut right through the cell walls of foods, which means you get many more nutrients out of your foods. More fiber, more flavor, and more nutrition than otherwise possible, even more than if you were to eat it straight and raw. This is what makes the Vitamix an indispensable tool in our quest for better nutrition and good health. It simply is the best choice for your daily fruit and vegetable intake.

Another factor which makes the Vitamix so useful is its ability to make hundreds of different dishes, not just smoothies. It can do anything from tortilla soup to ice cream and it is insanely easy to clean. My machine came with a “Cooking Class” on DVD full of recipes and techniques, a recipe book, and an quick “Getting Started” guide. The day I got it I was cooking up a storm, it was just so easy!

oh and I almost forgot the other best part, unlike most juicers, clean up is a snap, just rinse the pitcher twice and you are done, juicing for health became a reality at last.

So if you are curious about purchasing your own Vita-Mix, there are several things you can do. 1.) Check out their website, www.vitamix.com 2.) Download this informative brochure by clicking right here or 3.) By calling Hip Joint Pain Relief’s own Vita-Mix representative, Jean-Pierre Minard, at 1-800-848-2649 ext. 2303. Be sure to mention this special code number (06-005749) in order to save up to $45.00 on shipping when you do decide to purchase a Vita-Mix of your very own. Trust me though, once you try the Vitamix, you’ll never look back at your old cumbersome blender!

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