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Fruits are Natural Pain Relievers

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Help Combat Arthritis Joint Pain with Fruits.

Fruits have long been recognized to have much more to offer than simply delighting the taste buds. From gout to arthritis, many health problems have been treated with the world’s bounty of tasteful, colorful, and antioxidant rich fruits. Today, fruit continues to be used in many treatments for arthritis. Modern research has made us aware of the scientific reasons certain fruits are more effective at treating the aches and pains of arthritis than others, we have found out which fruits are natural pain relievers.Arthritis and other deteriorating conditions  can be aggravated as the body sustains damage from free radicals. This free radical damage is kept under control by the vitamins in fruits. In these “Super Fruits” that have been found to be very useful in the treatment of arthritis, we find huge amounts of certain vitamins readily available. For instance, beta carotene (the plant adaptation of Vitamin A) and Vitamin C are all found in high quantities in Cantaloupe; a fruit known for its arthritis fighting power.

Mangoes contain Vitamin E, Beta Carotene and Vitamin C;  the advantage of mangoes is that they contain almost the full recommend

ed daily allowance of these vitamins. Papaya is another “Super Fruit” which contains Beta Carotene but also has three times the normal daily allowance of Vitamin C.  Among these three delicious fruits you are bound to find one that suits your taste buds,  helping control arthritis pain!
These aren’t the only fruits that have been proven to fight arthritis pain, there are plenty more “Super Fruits” that not only help treat but can also prevent arthritis. Grapes and apples, for example, contain a mineral called boron which can decrease the likelihood of developing osteoarthritis.  And boron on its own is proven to assist in the development of strong bones while reducing pain in people who already have arthritis.
One of the most effective ways to consume your daily fruit is through Whole Food Juicing, which uses the entire fruit, wasting none of the important vitamins and minerals. Whole Food Juicing is a tasty way of getting loads of these “Super Fruits” into your daily diet without losing any of the nutrition. The key is whole-food juicing, because when using an extracting juicer you remove much, if not all, of the pulp which is where many minerals, and vitamins A, C, and E are locked up.
Comparing Whole Juice and Extracted Juice:

Whole juicers are like blenders that liquefy whole fruits instead of just extracting the juice, (and many of the nutrients) while leaving behind all the pulp and fiber. Whole juicers give you all the advantages of the juice, AND all the nutrients plus fiber that would otherwise stay in the pulp. Most people see whole juicers as the best of both worlds by benefiting from the fiber and supplementing their diets with extra plant nutrition.

The one downside is that pulverized produce is   pulpy and too thick to drink, that is why it is best to add some regular juice (either bottled or fresh) to enhance drink-ability. A good, heavy duty type juicer is ideal to grind your fruits and greens in order to best extract all of the plants nutrients. My favorite Juicer is the Vita-Mix, click here for more info on it. By acquiring a good quality machine that is easy to clean you will find it much easier to get in the habit of juicing daily. Folks who have taken this advice to heart will be sparing them

selves much pain and suffering which comes from these debilitating diseases. Delight your taste buds with natural pain relievers.

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