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How to Keep Joints Strong Naturally to Avoid Hip Surgery

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avoid hip surgery

As people age, the risk for degenerative hip diseases like arthritis and weakened joints increases. The number of Americans receiving hip replacement surgery continues to grow each year, and in 2010 nearly half a million hip replacements were performed. The majority of these procedures are effective and safe, but the risk of complications after hip replacement surgery still exists. In addition to surgical complications such as joint infection, blood clots and pain, people who receive a faulty implant such as the DePuy ASR may suffer from prosthetic fracture, dislocation or metal poisoning. Read More

Your Number One Health Solution

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juicing for health recipes If you have been wanting to get healthier by consuming more fruits and vegetables, but find the actual doing it part a bit challenging, then you need to read this. Juicing for health is not a new concept certainly, in the past I have bought numerous juicing machines that simply were too difficult to use, or clean or both. So when I saw the Vitamix blender being demonstrated a couple of years ago I was interested, but skeptical. This without a doubt is the most powerful and useful tool  for long lasting health and for helping  fight joint pain I have found. It simply makes the job of wanting to be healthier so much simpler.  You may recognize this blender after seeing it in popular smoothie shops like Jamba Juice or Starbucks coffee shops, there is a good reason these companies use it, It is simply the best blender money can buy. I use mine every single day to make my daily smoothie, filled with fresh, whole fruits and vegetables. Read More

Recover After Exercise Faster With Cherries?

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natural anti inflammatoryI just love when new research confirms what I’ve preaching, that nature does provide what we need to cure and keep us healthy. I have long been aware of the natural anti inflammatory quality of berries, and have always  included them in my daily smoothies. Cherries of course are a fruit, since unlike berries do have a pit. Cherries contain anthocyanins the red pigment in berries, these are potent antioxidants with a number of potential health benefits. And now this very interesting finding for those of us that engage in any form of exercise. Read More

Discover The Top Natural Remedies For Arthritis Relief

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This post by my friend Maryann, a local naturopath reinforces so much of what I talk about on this website. Please read and take heed of these important and timely reminders.

Many think that weight loss, exercise, and medications are the only way to help alleviate pain, but there are also a number of foods that you can add to your diet that will help as well. Hip pain is often caused by inflammation in the joint, whether it is caused by arthritis or the result of an injury. Having a healthy diet high in Omega-3 fatty acids and low in Omega-6 fatty acids will not only help you keep the inflammation down but will also help the rest of your body. Omega-3 is known as one of the natural remedies for arthritis, and has also been proven to help lower cholesterol and promote a healthy heart, Omega-6 on the other hand plays a big role when it comes to inflammation, and can even worsen the occasional hip pain that we dread so much.

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A Valuable Tip To Help Manage Your Pain

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If you are suffering from chronic pain, keeping a journal can help you to have more control in managing your pain. It is said that the most valuable person involved in pain management endeavors is the patient. Of the many pain management techniques, keeping specific notes of their pain, chronic pain sufferers can provide very useful information and assistance to their doctor.

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